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I've been teaching drum lessons privately for over 25 years. I love it. Lessons are taught here at my home studio, where I'm set up to record audio and video and make use of various media during our time. My curriculum is centered around practical, useful technique and a thorough knowledge of rhythm which is then applied toward the student's interests.

My rates are $60 per hour, $30 per half-hour, collected four lessons at a time.
My lessons feature some content one might not ordinarily encounter. Some examples are:

  • *The Moeller Method: these techniques are often seen as some kind of "holy grail" and the internet is FILLED with lots of misinformation. I learned this method personally from Mr. Jim Chapin, Moeller's pupil and primary exponent of the method.

  • *Rhythm Knowledge: Mike Mangini's practice management systems have been invaluable to me, and I happily include a lot of his material in my teaching to help students maximize their practice time.

  • *How to practice: I have done a lot of study on how to achieve what's come to be called "deep practice" and how to reap the results. I guide my students in WHAT to practice and in HOW to practice it to get the most progress from the least effort.

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