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I try to put my money where my mouth is regarding practicing, so I post this here for my students to see what I'm doing.

Most of what I'm working on lately includes different applications of Mike Mangini's Rhythm Knowledge exercises plus some other technique-building and coordination exercises. I find Mangini's methods to be the most effective and efficient means to improve in the areas in which I'm working.

Morning pad routine:

A technique-building exercise using Mangini's "Two Numbers Twice" and Alan Dawson's "Rudimental Ritual."

Afternoon drumset routine:

Warming up with Mangini's "Two Numbers Twice" played around his "Clockwise/Counterclockwise Limb System (C&C)."

Mangini's "All the Permutations " played around the body with his "C&C."

A very interesting 3 and 4-way independence application of the above which involves playing the patterns against a second ostinato pattern. If you're interested, email me . An incredibly difficult and profitable exercise.

Another "ATP" application between my left hand and foot: playing stickings between my left-side hi hat (hand) and right side hi hat (operated by the left foot), keeping time against it with the right side.

Some melodic motion exercises between toms.

Ostinato work of my own devising (working towards a clinic!).