With my home studio built I am now able to offer my services as a session drummer remotely via Dropbox. Please email me for rates and information. Below is an unprocessed example of my drum sound.


Move Our Hearts by Houston's First Baptist Bands and Singers

The Christmas Stories by Ross King

All the Freed by Todd Wright

Help Me Believe by Donna Stuart

Gospel Cola by Atomic Opera (Metal Blade)

Human Liturgy by Frank Hart (FeverDream Records)

Songs We're Singing.1 by the Smith Band (Momentum Ministries)

Songs We're Singing.2 by the Smith Band (Momentum Ministries)

Departure 12:01 (Breakaway Ministries)

Live at Cornerstone 2000 by Kemper Crabb (Millennium Eight)

In the Company of Angels Bonus Disc with Kemper Crabb (Grassroots Music)

Makes Perfect Sense and Beautiful For Situation by Sheila Marshall

Vim Fuego and Vodka Sonic by the Toy Subs