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I'm very fortunate in that I get to use my talents in a wide variety of ways-as a bandmember, a sideman, a session drummer, a songwriter...

Atomic Opera


I joined Atomic Opera back in 1997, having played a few "for hire" gigs with them after leaving behind the bar band scene. I was in a period of my life in which I couldn't have cared less if I ever played a rock song again.

So what was it about AO that changed my mind? Well, for one thing, it was the band's commitment to creativity and excellence. One of my frustrations at the time was the total lack of originality in the music I was playing. Atomic Opera, though a rock band, seeks to have a distinct creative voice within the confines of the genre. I love that. We basically write the kind of music that we like (which is wildly varied) without any preconceived notions about what will sell. We work towards excellence in its execution. Sign me up for that kind of band any day

FeverDream Records

Session Drummer/Percussionist

I am the "house" drummer and percussionist for FeverDream, which means I get to create rhythm tracks for a stable of incredibly talented artists making wonderfully creative music. I will also be the live drummer once we begin to tour.

Kemper Crabb


Kemper is another Atomic Opera bandmate and good friend, but he was already an established musical icon long before he joined AO. His music is very Old World and wonderful in every way. I am very honored to play percussion in his band.

Smith Band


The Smith Band is a worship band led by Stephen Smith and his wife, Star. We lead worship at various places. They're fantastic people and I am very blessed to work with them.

Other Artists & Leaders

I also work or have worked with the following bands and artists, either as a substitute or sideman.

Ross King

Justin Johnston

Donna Stuart

Roger Cullins

John Sherrill

Colin Bates

Matthew and Lizi Bailey

Randall Goodgame

Robbie Seay Band

Matt Brouwer

Colin Bates