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My setup is pretty weird, but I like it. I'll use a smaller setup when the situation calls for it.

Tempus Drums: 18"x22" and 16"x20" bass drums; 6"x13" and 6"x10" snare drums; 8"x10", 9"x12", 12"x14" and 14"x16" toms in Alpha Black finish.
Zildjian Cymbals: 20" K Custom Ride; 13" K/Z and 10" Special Recording Hi Hats; 16" and 17" A Custom Crashes; 8" and 6" A Custom Splashes; 18" Oriental China with a 14" Trashformer stacked.

Hardware: Rack, cymbal arms, snare stand, and bass drum pedals by DW. Cable hi hat by Pearl.
Sticks are Vic Firth F1s; Heads are by Evans: EMADs on the big kick, EQ2s on the small one; Power Center Reverse Dot on the snare; coated G1s on tom and aux snare batters, clear G1s on tom bottoms.
I enthusiastically endorse the products I use, without compensation of any kind. There are a few companies from whom I could receive some kind of endorsement deal (and hey, I'm open to the idea!), but when it comes to drums, I choose to continue playing Tempus drums. I've been a Tempus man since 1988. They are a truly unique, custom instrument and to my ears sound better than everything else out there. I've played Zildjian since I was a kid, and I just love DW hardware. Pearl makes the best cable hat on the market and that's a major part of my thing these days. The Firth F1 is the stick that fits my playing best. Evans gives me the sound I hear in my head and are the most reliable heads I've found.