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I am currently working up solo drumming material for both live performances and drum clinics. Drum clinics are something that I really enjoy doing. It's great to get to play and speak to a room full of people who "get it" and are interested in learning more about our wonderful art form.In my clinics, I like to avoid the cliched "beats and fills" approach. I try to speak conceptually, and my clinics are pretty content-intensive. I've easily gone on for a couple of hours before, and thankfully my audience didn't seem bored by that!My current clinic is mostly about practice-the obligation to do it, what to practice, and how to do it efficiently. Hopefully, my performances demonstrate what is achievable and inspire attendees to go home "fired up" about their art.

I will post my clinic schedule as dates are set. To inquire about hiring me for a clinic, email me at johnny@johnnydrums.com