Yes, I've begun a podcast in which I'll simply be reading chapters of The Anxious Bench by the Rev. John Williamson Nevin. Why? Well, way back at the end of the (so-called) Second Great Awakening, Nevin looked around at how the methods of the revivalists were creeping into even his small denomination, the German Reformed Church. He wrote this tract against not simply the "anxious bench" but the entire system it represented, calling the Church back to what he called the "catechism," or the older system of disciple-making.

I've been very concerned for years about the fruit revivalism has borne in the circles in which I work, and in our society in general. I've thought The Anxious Bench should become required reading for everyone involved in the leading of worship services in the Church. It's a hard read, both in Nevin's style and content. You'll find it challenging in both ways but I'm making it easy. I hope you enjoy it.